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3 Functionalization of hollow nanoparticles for nanoreactor applications
Lee, J. H.; Kim, S. M.; Lee, I. S.
Nano Today 2014, 9, 631-667 (Invited review paper)
2 Surface-Specific Deposition of Catalytic Metal Nanocrystals on Hollow Carbon Nanospheres via Galvanic Replacement Reactions of Carbon-Encapsulated MnO Nanoparticles
Lee, D.-G.; Kim, S. M.; Jeong, H. K.; Kim, J. W. Lee, I. S.
ACS Nano 2014, 8, 4510–4521
1 Magnetic resonance imaging for monitoring therapeutic response in a transgenic mouse model of Alzheimers disease using voxel-based analysis of amyloid plaques
Kim, J. H.; Ha, T. L.; Im, G. H.; Yang, J. H.; Seo, S. W.; Chung, J. J.; Chae, S. Y.; Lee, I. S.; Lee, J. H.
Neuroreport 2014, 25, 211-218
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