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12 Synthesis of titanium trichloride complexes of 1,2,3-trisubstituted cyclopentadienyls and their use in styrene polymerization
Lee, B. Y.; Han, J. W.; Seo, H. M.; Lee, I. S.; Chung, Y. K.
J. Organomet. Chem. ~2007, 627, 233-238
11 Crystalline Inclusion Compounds Derived from 1,1'-Bis(ethenyl-2-pyridyl)ferrocene and (±)-1,1'-Bi-2-naphthol in Different Solvents
Lee, I. S.; Chung, Y. K.
J. Inclusion Phen. ~2007, 38, 297-304
10 Radical cyclization of β-alkoxyacrylates: Synthesis of a C2-symmetric, L-shaped molecule with four fused tetrahydropyran rings
Lee, E.; Kim, H. J.; Kang, E. J.; Lee, I. S.; Chung, Y. K.

Chirality ~2007, 12, 360-361
9 Organometallic−Organic Hybrid Crystals from Ferrocenyl Dipyridine and Binaphthol:  Different Crystal Structures and Nonlinear Optical Properties Depending upon the Reaction Medium and Optical Purity of Binaphthol
Lee, I. S.; Chung, Y. K.; Yoon, C. S.; Mun, J. H.; Yoon. C. S.
Organometallics ~2007, 18, 5080-5085
8 Chemistry of [(1-Hhydronaphthalene)Mn(CO)3]:  The Role of Ring-Slippage in Substitution, Catalytic Hydrosilylation, and Molecular Crystal Structure of [(η3-C10H9)Mn(CO)3P(OMe)3]
Son, S. U.; Paik, S. J.; Lee, I. S.; Lee, Y. A; Chung, Y. K.; Seok, W. K.; Lee. H. N.
Organometallics ~2007, 18, 4114-4118
7 Preparation of (Thiophene)manganese Tricarbonyl Cations for Nonlinear Optics
Lee, I. S.; Seo, H. M.; Chung, Y. K.
Organometallics ~2007, 18, 1091-1096
6 New planar chiral P,N-ligands containing tricarbonyl(arene)chromium for enantioselective asymmetric hydroboration of styrenes
Son, S. U.; Jang, H. Y.; Han, J. W.; Lee, I. S.; Chung, Y. K.
Tetrahedron; Asymmetry ~2007, 10, 347-354
5 Synthesis of Fulvalene-Bridged Bimetallic Compounds Containing a Substituted Cyclopentadienyl Group Based on Pauson−Khand Chemistry
Kang, Y. K.; Shin, K. S.; Lee, S. -G.; Lee, I. S.; Chung, Y. K.
Organometallics ~2007, 18, 180-186
4 Synthesis of Planar Chiral (1,2-Disubstituted arene)chromium Tricarbonyl Compounds and Their Application in Asymmetric Hydroboration
Son, S. U.; Jang, H. Y.; Lee, I. S.; Chung, Y. K.
Organometallics ~2007, 17, 3236-3239
3 Preparation and properties of ferrocenyl bimetallic compounds for non-linear optics
Lee, I. S.; Lee, S. S.; Chung, Y. K.; Kim, D. H.; Song, N. W.
Inorg. Chim. Acta ~2007, 279, 243-248
2 Preparation and Reactivity of [(η6-CH3-η5-2-sil-C6H4)Fe(CO)3]BF4 (sil = Si(OCH2CH2)3N)
Lee, S. S.; Lee, I. S.; Chung, Y. K.
Organometallics ~2007, 15, 5428-5431
1 Preparation of Chromium−Manganese Diarene Heterobimetallic Complexes Using a Mn(CO)3+ Transfer Reaction
Lee, S. S.; Lee, T. Y.; Lee, J. E.; Lee, I. S.; Chung, Y. K.; Lah, M. S.
Organometallics ~2007, 15, 3664-3669
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